Rebuilding a Craftsman Community

At Tramontina USA we are constantly striving to better our product and our brand. That’s why we’re always creating a wide variety of designs, processes and standards to serve you with excellence.

By bringing our business to the United States in 1986, it was only natural for Tramontina USA to manufacture some of our products in the U.S. as well. In 2005, at a time when cookware manufacturers were moving operations abroad, Tramontina revived a cookware factory in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, reemploying local laborers and bringing its aluminum production to the U.S. Reviving this plant allowed a skilled local workforce to keep their jobs and allowed the town of Manitowoc to retain its long-established identity of craftsmanship in aluminum cookware manufacturing.

Made in the USA

For Tramontina, USA, manufacturing in the United States honors the proud legacy, traditions and craftsmanship perfected throughout the last 100 years by the Tramontina Group, and that of an American workforce that holds to the same standard of integrity and excellence. Tramontina USA, Inc. is very proud to stamp “Made in the USA” on a selection of our products.