Caring for Stainless Steel

Proper maintenance of this beautiful cookware will help it last a lifetime.

Keep your stainless steel cookware performing perfectly for years to come. Here are a few quick tips for maintaining stainless steel cookware.

Learn How to Clean:

  • Burnt food
  • Food residue
  • Hard water/calcium stains
  • Rainbow effect
  • How to prevent pitting on surface

Cleaning and Caring for Tramontina 18/10 Stainless Steel Cookware

Stainless steel cookware is extremely durable and has a beautiful finish that will last a lifetime and keep its luster if properly maintained. In order to keep your cookware in tip-top shape, follow these simple rules:

  • Cook or boil using low to medium heat only. Stainless steel cookware with tri-ply clad or tri-ply base construction requires only low to medium heat to sauté, fry or cook most foods. Using a high heat setting causes the cookware to become very hot, which may cause foods to stick, burn or scorch if added to very hot cookware.
  • Keep the cookware on the burner only during the time necessary for cooking or boiling. Do not overheat empty cookware or allow gas flames to extend up sides of pans and overheat handles.
  • Do not leave food or store leftovers in the cookware for long periods of time. Superficial pitting may occur if very salty or acidic foods (such as tomatoes) are left in the cookware.
    To prevent warping, avoid sudden temperature changes such as immersing hot cookware in cold water. Always let the cookware cool before washing.
  • We recommend hand-drying the cookware immediately after the dishwasher rinse cycle or hand-washing and drying to preserve the original finish even though the cookware is dishwasher-safe. This will prevent any hard water spots from forming and drying onto your cookware.
  • To recondition your cookware or to remove stubborn spots, stains or a rainbow effect, use a nonabrasive pad and quality stainless steel cleanser such as Bar Keepers Friend®. Mix the Bar Keepers Friend® with just enough water to make a paste and wipe it onto the discolored surface. Let the paste set for about a minute, then try scrubbing the discolored area with a nonabrasive pad and a little elbow grease.