LYON Stovetop Baking

Create an oven on your stovetop with this innovative cookware.

We’ve all been that ambitious dinner party host. You’ve got the ultimate menu, you’ve got the best ingredients, and you’ve got the culinary skill. What you don’t have is the time or space to cook everything simultaneously so that you can serve each item fresh out of the oven.

That’s where the versatile Lyon collection comes to the rescue. Playing the part of a second oven, Lyon cookware allows home chefs to bake right on the cooktop. Lyon cookware will streamline your cooking time, baking and roasting main dishes, sides and desserts, from banana breads to cinnamon rolls. Enjoy steaming homemade bread on a summer day, without turning your kitchen into a sauna. Featuring an entire line of essential cookware, Lyon increases productivity and gives home chefs back valuable time without sacrificing menu items.

A perfect combination of beauty and strength, the Lyon line of elegantly designed cookware uses the same heavy duty forging technology that auto manufacturers use to create wheel hubs. Lyon’s construction features solid aluminum walls of perfectly even thickness, plus clean, precise contours and hefty, true fitting lids. Together they create a tight seal—turning Lyon cookware into a stovetop oven.

These convex shaped lids have unique, concentric condensation ridges, which paired with the tight seal, allow cooking vapors to condense and return uniformly to the food, conserving nutrients and enhancing food’s natural flavor. The high and slightly rounded sides of Lyon’s Dutch Ovens make it easy to stir ingredients, reduce liquids and prevent spatter.

Each Lyon pan and cover is forged from a solid piece of extra heavy-gauge aluminum alloy 4006. This ensures quick and even heat distribution, reduced cooking times, and long-lasting heat retention on the table. During the forging process, the both cookware’s side handles and vessel itself are formed from one single piece of solid aluminum alloy, resulting in an extremely strong and reliable product. The side handles are an integral part of the cookware, not add-ons that could break or crack, something you can count on for the lifetime of the product.

Lyon’s magnetic stainless steel base, it works on all stovetops — induction, gas, electric, and ceramic glass. It even works outdoors on your charcoal or gas grill. (And yes, its oven safe up to 550 F / 287 C.) The Lyon 5-Quart Dutch Oven, neatly fits a round cake insert, while the Square Roaster fits two loaf pans … imagine the possibilities!

Using less energy than in a conventional oven, you can bake meatloaf, breads—even cakes and desserts on your stovetop. Lyon also gives you the option to roast and sear foods on your cooktop. The Square Roaster has lower sides to allow oven heat to reach as much of the food’s surface as possible—for tender, juicy dishes with fully blended flavors. Lyon cookware also includes two saucepans in both 2-quart and 3-quart sizes.

The saucepans also feature stainless steel cast handles with a double fastening system, for safety and stability in handling. All Lyon lids feature cast stainless steel knobs with the non-twist system, providing another safety feature: assuring knobs stay securely fastened to the lid. And whether it’s from the oven, the stove, or the grill, the Lyon collection takes your meal safely —and elegantly — to the table.