Cook Your Way to Your New Year’s Health Goals

The New Year is approaching, which means you’re re-thinking how you want to eat this year (definitely not like you’ve been eating during the holidays). Maybe you want to eat more salads or veggies, or you’re following the high protein and fat trend. Perhaps you actually want less fat or simply want to eat a little bit less in general. There are all sorts of ways to go about cooking your way to your New… Continue reading

5 Recipes for Christmas Day that Made the “Nice” List

Not sure what to make for Christmas dinner? These 5 recipes will make a complete meal for your holiday table. Homemade Vinaigrette A homemade vinaigrette is the best way to step up your salad game during the most wonderful time of the year. Whisk this up in 10 minutes and mix with your favorite salad. Try fresh spinach, dried cherries, and toasted hazelnuts. Braised Short Ribs Nothing smells more like Christmas than cinnamon, ginger, and… Continue reading

What to Do with Leftover Christmas Ham

The holidays are full of big batches of cooking: creamy potatoes, spiced pies, peppermint everything, and of course, the Christmas ham. Though nobody ever seems to leave a scoop of mashed potatoes behind, the ham always seems to linger. But you’ll need more for lunch than just pie and a slice of ham. We’re here to help you take advantage of every last bit of the holiday ham with a few new ideas.   Sandwiches… Continue reading

14 Ways to Make Your Holiday Meals Easy

You already know that when it comes to the big holiday meal, it’s better to make a list and check it twice—to plan ahead by prepping and cooking what you can in advance. With so many dishes and pressure to make them perfect, a well-organized list doesn’t always take the edge off. Try out a few of these stress-reducing kitchen tips and relax.   Go easy on the apps Don’t outdo yourself with baked hors… Continue reading

6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Use Your Colander For

A colander is one of those kitchen tools that is a bit cumbersome but necessary for draining pasta and washing veggies. But what else can you use the tool for? As long as you have the right kind of colander—a sturdy stainless steel piece with micro-perforations—you’ll be able to use it for far more than you thought. Check out our favorite six:   Small grain rinser and drainer Where do you drain Israeli couscous or… Continue reading

7 Pieces of Cookware That Look Great on Your Holiday Table

The only thing more important during the holidays than cooking tasty food is making sure it looks good on the table. When you don’t want to bust out your servingware or chafing dishes, cookware you can take directly from their heat source to your table is crucial. Here’s our list of cookware that looks just as great on the holiday table as it does in the kitchen. Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven Grated in Red … Continue reading

What You Need to Slow-Cook This Winter

Cold weather calls for slowing down, staying home, and making big, hearty meals that stick to your bones and leave you sleepy and satisfied. It calls for slow-cooked meats and long braises that waft through the house for hours until reaching their ultimate, fall-off-the-bone, melt-in-your mouth potential. Slow-cooking generally involves cooking meat at a low temperature in some form of liquid for a long period of time (though dry heat is also common in barbecue-style… Continue reading

The Covered Braiser That Eases Every Holiday Pressure

Holiday entertaining is full of pressure. Most importantly, the food has to actually taste good. And if you’re hosting, you’re likely in charge of the main dish. On top of all that, the dining room has to look presentable—classy, unique, impressive. And you’re somehow supposed to stay calm and be the perfect host. It seems impossible, but there’s one tool that checks all those pressure-filled boxes and sets you up for the simplest holiday hosting… Continue reading

Why Your Holiday Meals Need Chafing Dishes

The holidays are the season for dining rooms full of crowds and kitchens full of food, with family all around and delicious smells filling the house. You’ll spend a lot of time in the kitchen whipping up classic traditions and creating new ones. When it comes to preparing big dinner parties, the question always arises, “How do I get everything to come out perfectly at the same time?” Timing is one of most challenging aspects… Continue reading

Why You Need Steak Knives For the Holidays

You’re cooking for friends and hosting holiday meals. You have a respectable set of cookware, even a decent chef’s knife. But when it comes time to serve nice steaks or the holiday ham you splurged on, you realize your blunt dinner knives aren’t going to cut it. It’s time to put the finishing touches on your holiday dinner with steak knives. Here’s why you need them this season and what to look for when you… Continue reading