Complete Christmas Cookware Guide

There’s nothing worse than planning your holiday dinner and realizing you don’t have the tools to make it come together. From roasting and braising to baking and carving, there’s a lot of different cooking methods involved in holiday mealtime prep. You don't need every gadget out there, but you do need a few staples to cover your bases and get you through to  the finish line. Here are the essentials to make holiday cooking a… Continue reading

Kitchenware You Can Gift to the Kitchen Aficionado

Everyone has that friend or relative. They’re a genius in the kitchen and have every single gadget imaginable. So what do you gift this well-prepared aficionado? Take a look at our list of specialty kitchenware that’s unique enough to excite even the savviest of cooks. Prima Pasta Cooking Set Boils two to four foods at a time. Your aficionado probably has enough cookware pieces to cook several foods at the same time, but with this… Continue reading

Kitchenware to Ease Holiday Stress

It’s the holiday season and you’re in charge of dinner. That means you have days of prep ahead and a big to-do list. You’re soon to have a kitchen crowded with friends, family, and an overwhelming amount of dishes cooking at the same time, and you need to be ready. Set yourself up for holiday success and start off on the right foot by making sure you have the proper kitchenware for each task. It’s… Continue reading

How a Trash Can Can Change the Way You Prep

Dinner prep gets messy fast. One minute you’re chopping up ingredients for soup and the next you have dirty potato peels creeping onto your cutting board and a pile of onion skins at your feet. You could skirt scraps into a pile next to you or throw everything into the sink. But what if you simply throw your trash away as you cook? And what if you don’t dirty-up the kitchen cabinets while doing it?… Continue reading

Induction: Part II – Compatibility Test

Are you searching the market for induction-ready pans or wondering if your current cookware would work on the induction stovetop you’ve been eyeballing? What materials work: Cookware that has an iron-based (or “ferrous”) magnetic base. Cast iron Enameled cast iron Some stainless steel Any material with a magnetic base   What doesn’t work: Any materials that don’t have a magnetic base 100%  Aluminum 100% Copper Glass   Here’s the catch: Cookware made with traditionally nonmagnetic… Continue reading

Induction: Part III – Your Questions

We've given you the basic rundown on induction—how it works, why we love it, how to test for compatibility, and what cookware will get the job done. On the other hand, new kitchen tools come with all sorts of complexities. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you high and dry. Let’s dig into some of your unanswered questions about induction.   Can I use induction cookware on a gas stove? Yes! If your cookware is induction-ready,… Continue reading

Induction: Part I – An Introduction

Want to know how induction cooktops work and why we think they’re a phenomenal kitchen tool? They are pretty fascinating gadgets with tons of practical benefits. Here’s the lowdown. What exactly is an induction cooktop? Induction cooktops are generally one to two-burner portable cooktops that you can plug into almost any outlet, though many people are now replacing gas and electric burners with full induction stovetops. The burner only generates heat when induction-ready (magnetic) cookware… Continue reading

Choosing the Best Knives for Your Kitchen

Having the right knives for the task is a complete kitchen game-changer. Your cooking experience can go from unbearably frustrating to well…fun! Slicing fresh bread into a squashed breadstick with that old knife in your drawer? Using a giant knife to core an apple in your hand? Sawing at your roast chicken, just trying to get it off the bone? Shredding your raw meat instead of getting perfect pieces to brown for that stew? We… Continue reading

10 Ways to Save Time in the Kitchen

We think making meals— and we mean tasty, nutritious, substantial food— doesn’t have to be an ordeal. With the right tools and some foresight, you’ll spend less time in the kitchen and more time having dinner with your friends and family. 1. Start with the right tools Starting with the right tools is the best way to set yourself up for success. You’ll at least want to have a quality set of knives, and make… Continue reading