14 Ways to Make Your Holiday Meals Easy

You already know that when it comes to the big holiday meal, it’s better to make a list and check it twice—to plan ahead by prepping and cooking what you can in advance. With so many dishes and pressure to make them perfect, a well-organized list doesn’t always take the edge off. Try out a few of these stress-reducing kitchen tips and relax.   Go easy on the apps Don’t outdo yourself with baked hors… Continue reading

6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Use Your Colander For

A colander is one of those kitchen tools that is a bit cumbersome but necessary for draining pasta and washing veggies. But what else can you use the tool for? As long as you have the right kind of colander—a sturdy stainless steel piece with micro-perforations—you’ll be able to use it for far more than you thought. Check out our favorite six:   Small grain rinser and drainer Where do you drain Israeli couscous or… Continue reading

How a Roasting Pan Can Save Your Thanksgiving

There’s nothing like impressing your friends and family on Thanksgiving with the best meal of the year. The sides seem to be easy enough, and the dessert pies aren’t too bad either. But when it comes to the main affair— the turkey— anxiety builds. Where do you cook such a large bird? How will it turn out? What about the dressing? There’s nothing more terrifying than trying to pull out that giant steaming turkey out… Continue reading

7 Ways to Make Chicken Breasts Better

We cook, order, and eat boneless, skinless chicken breasts all the time. They’re a lean meat and easy to find in any grocery store or restaurant. But they can be rubbery, dry, and tasteless. There are ways to change that. Here are 7 tricks to make chicken breasts taste better and even totally delicious. Cook them right. Most people get scared and overcook chicken breasts, cooking out all the moisture and leaving them tough and… Continue reading

The Quickest Pasta You’ve Ever Made

Pasta is an easy go-to for a quick dinner, but there’s a way to make your favorite pasta dishes even quicker than before. Cook everything in the same pot at the same time. This won’t work with any ol’ pot or pan, but the Prima Pasta Cooking Set makes it possible. It’s a big stock pot (8, 12, or 16 quarts) that comes with removable stainless steel baskets and a lid to keep in the… Continue reading

How to Care for, Clean, and Season Your Enameled Cast Iron

Enameled cast iron cookware is a star in the kitchen. It maintains heat like no other piece, making it the perfect vessel for slow cooking meat and veggies to immaculate tenderness. And with the love and care this cookware deserves, it will last for a lifetime. So how, exactly, does one care for such a beautiful culinary workhorse? Here are 7 tips to show you how. Don’t use metal utensils. Though the surface is durable,…

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10 Tips for Roasting Vegetables

Sometimes you just can’t imagine eating another salad, but you still want to get your veggies in for the day. Turn your gaze to roasting—a cooking method that concentrates natural sugars and crisps up edges. Chop up some of the season’s best vegetables, toss them with a little oil and spices, and set them in the oven until they’re crispy on the outside and tender in the middle. Roasting concentrates the natural sugars and makes… Continue reading

Common Cooking Techniques & What They Actually Mean

You’re reading a recipe for braised pork ribs that first asks you to sear the meat into a crispy, golden crust. You’ll serve it with a side of sautéed zucchini and throw a few pieces of buttered, crusty bread under the broiler. Later, you’re baking gooey chocolate chip cookies for dessert and hard-boiling eggs for tomorrow’s lunch. There are so many different cooking techniques that you use on a daily basis, but have you wondered… Continue reading

Back to Basics: How to Sauté Mushrooms

There are all kinds of ways to sauté and serve mushrooms. Some prefer oil, others butter. You may love a dash of sherry vinegar at the end while your friend deglazes with wine. Luckily, mushrooms are great alongside tons of savory dishes: crusty bread with a fried egg, fresh pasta or even a seared steak. No matter the style, it’s important to make sure they’re cooked, browned, but not mushy. Here’s how to get them… Continue reading

Cold Peanut and Rice Noodle Bowl

Utilize roast or rotisserie chicken, and dive into a cold noodle salad perfect for school or work lunch. Cucumbers, carrots, and red peppers are crunchy and refreshing alongside the creamy, kid-approved peanut sauce that only gets better as it sits in the fridge. Use whatever veggies make sense for your family, and add in zesty ingredients like grated ginger or sriracha for an extra kick.   Cold Peanut and Rice Noodle Bowl Serves: 4 Difficulty:… Continue reading