Complete Christmas Cookware Guide November 28, 2018 – Posted in: Cookware, Holidays, Kitchen, Products

There’s nothing worse than planning your holiday dinner and realizing you don’t have the tools to make it come together. From roasting and braising to baking and carving, there’s a lot of different cooking methods involved in holiday mealtime prep. You don’t need every gadget out there, but you do need a few staples to cover your bases and get you through to  the finish line. Here are the essentials to make holiday cooking a success:

roasting pan

Roasting: Roasting Pan

  • Roast turkey, ham, tenderloin or other main meat
  • Bake large casseroles, stuffing, or scalloped potatoes
  • Roast whole winter squashes and pumpkins

Tri-Ply Clad 5 Qt Covered Dutch Oven

Braising & Cooking: Dutch Oven

  • Braise big cuts of meat to tenderness
  • Mix up buttery mashed potatoes
  • Make turkey soup with leftovers

Ceramica 16 x 11 in Baking Tray

Baking: Baking pans

  • Bake your favorite Christmas cookies
  • Toast nuts for salads or snacking
  • Heat up individual appetizers

Mixing: Mixing Bowls

  • Knead soft and pillowy bread dough
  • Toss and serve a crisp salad
  • Mix salad dressing, marinades, and stuffing

Domus6 Qt Covered Sauce Pot

Simmering: Sauce Pot

  • Mix up a tart cranberry sauce
  • Simmer savory gravy or sauce for the main meat
  • Make caramel for desserts or homemade hot chocolate

Carving: Carving Set

  • Carve the main meat without stress
  • Chop and dice veggies and herbs
  • Slice the holiday pies and cakes

Sure, there are gadgets galore that can make prep easier and faster, but with these staples you’ll be prepared to tackle your family’s traditional (and your original) holiday meals.