The Covered Braiser That Eases Every Holiday Pressure November 21, 2018 – Posted in: Cookware, Holidays, Lifestyle, Products

Holiday entertaining is full of pressure. Most importantly, the food has to actually taste good. And if you’re hosting, you’re likely in charge of the main dish. On top of all that, the dining room has to look presentable—classy, unique, impressive. And you’re somehow supposed to stay calm and be the perfect host. It seems impossible, but there’s one tool that checks all those pressure-filled boxes and sets you up for the simplest holiday hosting yet: The Rotonda Covered Braiser. Gift it to your holiday host, put it on Santa’s list, or treat yourself to one. How does this one simple piece of cookware cover all your holiday hosting bases? Like this:

Braised Tastes Good

Cooking the main meat to juicy deliciousness is a challenge—will you undercook the turkey or dry out the tenderloin? Braising, on the other hand, is a simple, hands-off method that tenderizes even the toughest of meats. Braising is the process of using dry and liquid forms of heat to slowly break down tough cuts of meat or hearty vegetables. First, you brown your meat at a high temperature, creating a crust that adds a distinct caramelized flavor. You need a surface that conducts heat evenly, and the Rotonda’s tri-ply construction powerfully conducts heat evenly, ensuring a perfect sear.

Next, slowly cook the meat partially submerged in liquid (generally stock, wine, or water) either on the stove or in the oven at a low temperature. You need cookware that’s oven-safe and has a lid that locks in and retains moisture, and the Rotonda’s unique domed stainless steel lid does just that. The low and slow, moisture-retaining cooking process is what creates that fall-off-the-bone bite that melts in your mouth.

You Feel Good

Nobody likes to run around the kitchen when friends and family arrive for dinner. After browning the meat, just throw in the liquid and ingredients from your recipe, set the timer, and let it braise. The Rotonda Braiser lets you grab a glass of wine and enjoy the appetizers by the fire with your favorite people. You don’t have to lift another finger.

Rotonda Looks Good

It would be a shame if the highlight of your cooking efforts culminated in a sad presentation. When you’re hosting, you need your servingware to look as elegant as the meal you’re serving. The Rotonda Braiser’s sleek finish and unique domed lid make for a jaw-dropping presentation on the holiday table. The lid also keeps the dish warm before its big reveal.

Bonus: Grilling is Easy

Aside from it’s main braising function, the Rotonda also acts as a grill. The unique raised cooking surface drains away oils for healthier cooking. Braising is only the beginning.

Three big features and one bonus that release the pressures of holiday cooking? Sounds like the best holiday gift you could ask for.