Gourmet Collection:  Enameled Cast Iron
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Use & Care Instructions

The use and care information applies to Tramontina enameled cast-iron cookware with an off-white or matte black interior finish.

Using Your Enameled
Cast-Iron Cookware

Before using your cookware for the first time, hand-wash with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly.

Although the enamel coating on your cookware does not require seasoning, we recommend seasoning the vessel rim and lid rim where the cast iron is exposed. Season by lightly rubbing cooking oil onto surface.

Heat cookware in oven for one hour at 350°F (176°C) and let cool. Cookware is ready to use. The cast-iron grill pan and skillets are coated with an interior matte black porcelain enamel; therefore, it is only necessary to season the rim on these items.

Avoid knocking utensils on the cookware rims or cutting food directly within the cookware, as this may permanently damage the enamel surface. 

The enamel surfaces are not suitable for dry cooking. Add a liquid, butter or oil to the bottom of the cookware prior to heating.

A gradual low-to-medium heat setting yields the most even and best results for most cooking tasks, including frying and searing, and the use of high heat is not necessary.  Once hot, nearly all cooking tasks can be completed with lower settings. In fact, use of high heat can permanently discolor and damage the cookware and void the warranty.

When using cookware on ceramic glass stovetops, always lift (do not slide) to move to avoid scratching the cooktop.

Keep cookware on burner only during necessary time for cooking or boiling. Do not overheat empty cookware or allow gas flames to extend up sides of cookware and overheat handles.

The cookware is oven-safe at temperatures up to 450°F (232°C). Even though integral handles and lid knobs are oven-safe, they will get hot in oven and on stovetop, particularly gas stoves where an open flame is used. Therefore, use protective mitts when handling hot cookware.


Cleaning and Caring For Your Enameled Cast-Iron Cookware 

Enameled cast iron is extremely durable but may become damaged if accidentally dropped or knocked against another hard surface.

HAND-WASH ONLY: We recommend hand-washing and drying your cookware to preserve the original finish.

For hard-to-clean, stuck-on foods, soak cookware in hot, soapy water and re-season as directed.

Use only nylon or soft abrasive pads or brushes to remove stubborn residues. Do not use metallic pads or harsh abrasive chemicals, as these will damage the enamel.

Be careful when stacking or nesting your cookware. Although it won’t affect the cookware’s performance, bumping or knocking against other pieces will scratch or chip the exterior and interior surfaces.

Never store your cookware when it is still damp. Allow pans to dry thoroughly by placing the cookware in an airy space, away from kitchen steam.

For items with lids, over time, the screw attaching the knob to the lid may become loose. In most cases, this can be corrected by retightening the screw, taking care not to over-tighten, as this may damage the lid. If the knob cannot be retightened, contact Tramontina’s Customer Service Department for assistance.
For safety reasons, do not continue to use a cookware lid with a loose knob.

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Lifetime Warranty.

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